Our extra-virgin olive oil is rich in antioxidants and has a very low acidity (0.2% - 20 days after production). These are very important characteristics which complement those described elsewhere on this website. They are revealed by the bitter, piquant sensations that linger on our tongue after tasting; these characteristics are never found in the refined oils of large commercial producers.

The phenolic and tocopherol compounds which give extra-virgin olive oil its antioxidant properties can help to strengthen our antioxidant defences, benefiting our organism in a number of ways, especially by protecting us against the formation of free radicals. An excess of free radicals leads to cell damage and cell ageing. This is why a healthy diet should be rich in natural antioxidants such as fruit, vegetables and freshly-pressed olive oil.

ďItís natural, itís good and itís good for youĒ. This sums up extra-virgin olive oilís gastronomic and health benefits.