Each of our products is accompanied by a leaflet with a description of its particular characteristics and the way it was made.

Le Sorgenti extra-virgin olive oil is bottled on the farm in 5 l, 3 l, 1 l, 0,50 l, 0,25 l cans,  U.V.A.G. Marasca bottles (four sizes) and U.V.A.G. Dalì bottles; the latter are suitable for use at table and are available in two sizes with vegetable-ivory stoppers.

­         the 750 ml bottle and the 500 ml bottle is ideal for family use (Marasca or Dalì);

­         the 250 ml bottle is equally suited to family or restaurant use (Marasca or Dalì);

­         the 100 ml bottle is the ideal size for trying our oil or for a restaurant's condiment trolley.

After the 2002 harvest, we started making four FLAVOURED OILS, available in 100 ml bottles. A perfect marriage of our extra-virgin olive oil with typical Mediterranean flavour:

Tuscan garlic - Chilli pepper - Basil - lemon - peppermint



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